What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

Christmas! The best time of year! Filling the house with homemade decorations. Packaging little gifts for family and friends. Enjoying delicious meals together… 

Holidays are great because they remind us to celebrate each other, but it has me thinking…If I enjoy it so much, why don’t I do it more often? There’s really no reason why, for no specific occasion, I can’t send my friend a small gift in the mail. Or light some sparklers. Or surprise my husband with heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. Or bake my daughters a cake with candles.  

It’s adding little special details to ordinary things that makes life fun.

Sure, you can’t do it everyday, but I enjoy doing these things, and it’s nice to be reminded to do more of what make us happy. I will definitely relish all that comes with this time of year - especially my Mom’s cooking :) and I look forward to doing more of that in the coming new year! 

Happy Holidays and remember to keep it green!

Wrapping up the Christmas Gift Guide

Now that we have our gifts down (DIY, Women, Men, Kids), it’s time to wrap it up! Rather than using store-bought wrapping paper, I had a good search around and here are my favorite gift wrapping ideas, which creatively use different types of material that you might have lying around the house, or that you can pick up on a walk outside!

Have a look and see if you find some inspiration! 

Click the text below for the links :) They all come from some pretty great design blogs that you might enjoy too!

1. Start pulling out the best pages from the newspaper!
2. Start saving those plastic produce net bags!
3. Wow! That’s all I have to say :)
4. Make snowflakes - Get creative! Try to find paper that you can repurpose!
5. Go for a walk and collect nature!

and as for my favorite: 

Everything by Sweet Paul - do check it out!

We put so much effort into choosing an eco-friendly gift - why not take it all the way and package it in recycled, repurposed and beautiful wrapping!

Do you have any creative wrapping ideas to share? Tell us about them the Little Green Dot Facebook page!

Christmas Gift Guide - 20 DIY Gift Ideas

Hand-made gifts are not only incredibly sweet, but also as eco-friendly as they come!

Let’s kick off the Christmas Gift Guide with 20 Do-It-Yourself ideas - to give you plenty of time to get started!

Vanilla Sugar - Tutorial

A sweet gift for coffee or tea drinkers, vanilla sugar can replace regular sugar in lots of recipes, adding a lovely vanilla flavor.

Start saving your glass bottles for packaging! Do boil them first to sanitize!!

Tip: add a handwritten gift-tag with some recipe ideas!

Snow Globe - Tutorial

Give the gift of snow! A fun gift for a workmate’s desktop or to add a bit of cheer to any home!

Tip: start saving those screw-top bottles!

Bath Fizzies - Tutorial

No one can resist a bit of fizzy fun - kids and adults love them! Making your own means its all-natural, safe and great for all ages!

Tip: you can find citric acid in Cold Storage

Tip: check out Ikea’s ice-cube molds for fun shapes!

Infused Vanilla Extract - Tutorial

A great gift for the baker in your life!

Bunting Necklace - Tutorial

So sweet and simple to make!

Infused Vodka - Tutorial

Yum! It’s a Merry Christmas indeed!

Tip: Ikea sell flip-lid water bottles which would make great containers that can be re-used!

Woven Chain Bracelet - Tutorial

The ultimate friendship bracelet!

Fabric wrapped hangers - Tutorial

Do you have extra clothes hangers in your home? Wrap pretty scrap fabric around it and create something special! The fashionista in your life is sure to love it!

Animal Jar - Tutorial

A great gift for any kids room (fill it with candy or trinkets) or let’s be honest - I’d love this on my desk too!

Tip: start saving those glass jars!

Postcard Calendar - Tutorial

You still have time left before the new year!

Tip: find vintage postcards in the flea markets at  China Square Central every Sunday or the Thieves’ Market at Sungei Road open daily.

Cell Phone Case - Tutorial

Head over to The Salvation Army and look for an old leather jacket for material that you can use!

Cocktail Mixers - Tutorial

For someone who appreciates a good drink!

Tip: Ikea sell flip-lid water bottles which would make great containers that can be re-used!

Tip: add a handwritten gift-tag with some recipe ideas!

Chai Tea Blend - Tutorial

Gather up the ingredients and make your own tea blend!

Tip: add a handwritten gift-tag with brewing instructions!

Hot Chocolate on a stick - Tutorial

The chocolate melts as it’s stirred into piping hot milk! The idea just sounds fabulous doesn’t it?

Tip: bundle up a few sticks together and tie with a pretty ribbon or pair it with a cute mug!

Food Gifts - Tutorials

With beautiful packaging - you can create a simple and wonderful gift!

Tip: you know it! Start saving those glass jars!

Gingerbread house - Tutorial

Perch your homemade gingerbread house on a cute mug and carefully tuck it in a little bag - this would make a great office gift!

Bath Treats - Tutorial

Head over to vintage shops and flea markets for the tea cup and fill it full with your own hand made bath treats!

Lemon Salt Scrub - Tutorial

What a way to brighten up someone’s day! With only 3 ingredients, this is an easy and lovely gift that anyone is sure to enjoy!

Polaroid Magnets - Tutorial

Your family and friends will love these - as long as they were born before the 90’s!

Dahlia Corsage - Tutorial

A project like this requires more confidence than actual skill! It’s actually much easier than it looks - and so worth the effort!! You can do it!

look here for more tips by the creator on how to make it even easier!


Hope you’re feeling inspired! Let me know if you make any of these great gift ideas for the loved ones in your life.

DIY - Inside Out Envelope

Have you ever noticed how pretty the inside of security envelopes are? They arrive tucked in, along with your bill every month and now I find myself looking forward to them!

Here’s a fun project that’s easy to do and that finds a good use for those extra envelopes that mostly end up getting trashed.

What you need:
- The unused security envelope
- A blade cutter, envelope opener or careful fingers
- Glue stick

How To:
1. Gently cut open the sides of the envelope trying to get a clean cut

2. Open it up! BTW - what you have now is an envelope template, which you can always trace on to any paper (magazines or newspaper) and make your own envelopes!

3. Following the fold lines, reconstruct the envelope, now with the pattern on the outside. Glue down the sides.

4. Draw a pretty picture, write a sweet note and send it off to a loved one!

I tucked the flap in on the inside and sealed with a clean finish!

The Eco-friendly Kiddie Birthday Bash Guide - Part 1 - Theme and Food

You can hardly believe that your kiddo is turning a year older - and now, you have a party to plan! No matter the age, there are basic essentials to hosting a successful party. This 3-part series will not only guide you through each step as you plan your kiddie’s birthday bash, but also offer fun ways to make it eco-friendly!

Remember to include your little one as you make these special efforts - not only is it great fun for them, but it’s a great opportunity for you to teach them how to become Earth’s little champions!

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